queercheetah asked:

you're everything malcolm tucker could have hoped to be in his 20s



Anonymous asked:

your pics I just omg sorry I hope this isn't inappropriate/triggering to ask but: how do you get in such good shape/do you have any suggestions?

Thank you, I think - though yeah, I’d say inappropriate to ask anyone based on their pictures, if that’s not something they explicitly welcome on their blog. Going to put this under a read more for followers’ sake.

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christoph waltz shot by bryan adams for zoo magazine #44,

style by felix leblhuber

Felix, you’re a genius.

I finally went for the full undercut and was not disappointed

update 1970s BBC Colditz series has an actual character named ‘Dick Player’ I knew this was a good decision


The Cuyahoga River bursts into flames due from its industrial waste; 1952; Cleveland, Ohio

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Czech Spitfire pilot of the RAF with a fluffy pup.

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