that was like watching a mildly inoffensive neighbourhood panto written by an eight year old with your favourite actor having a nice time on the off season

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  1. thehoneyinthelion said: i just said that to my mum n she was like ‘oh no that’s mean maybe an eleven year old… okay, ten, but’ im laughin
  2. di-dishy said: The things fans have to do for their favourite actor
  3. pintpotjudas said: in the opening bit where he did the dead faint i was able to say to my dad ‘i was expecting malcolm to go like that’ and my dad looked at me with horror in my eyes and called me a ‘morbid child’. he has no fuckin idea.
  4. alichay said: I was mainly horrified by how much Malcolm was in his performance. after all these months of side-eyeing people making Malcolm-as-Twelve jokes
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