Under British military escort, two German Luftwaffe crewmen, an Unteroffizierand and an Oberleutnant, who bailed out over the English countryside and were taken as POWs, walk out of the London Underground. Much to the surprise of a Londoner. September 1940


Post war recycling of the mighty Luftwaffe. A little insight as to why so few planes have survived to this day.


German pilot looking over the damage done to the tail of his Messerschmitt Bf 109.

(Source: ppsh-41)


"Jochen Marseille was tempered by a deep sense of chivalry, he was known to have notified the British that one of their pilots was down and wounded, after he scored the kill…he did not believe that a man should die on the ground…Marseille broke all the rules, and did so with a smile..he lived his life as if he was immortal" (Adolf Galland…general of fighters)

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