but let’s be honest and clear about my reasons for buying a kilt

In which I recreationally plunge into the uncharted bloody realms of Tucker-Macdonald Glasgow backstory whoops.

Meanwhile on ‘Jack is told by people that they love that no one will ever love them for their gender presentation’

Things are getting controversial


 jackmarlowe said: Do you want me to take a picture of my WWII RAF tunic because so help me I will if provoked.

I am going to say yes (if it is what I need, then it will help) but also because I need to see this. Do it whenever you have time though, I am not going to start this drawing until tomorrow night anyway.

…okay I was lazy/wanted to bully you further into pursuing this headcanon with your heart and soul, so I found a gratuitous Blitz Ball picture instead of actually taking one that might be useful to you as an objective historical source.

Not Fade Away/I Just Wanna Make Love To You/I’m Alright (live 1964, Big Beat) - The Rolling Stones

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